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Tune in here for all the latest in news and events for Destiny House Restoration Center. Human Trafficking is REAL and is happening right in our backyards! Destiny House will be a safe harbor where these precious ones can find hope again, and healing for the cruel and relentless attack upon their true identity and purpose in life! 
  1. Lisa Mitts Interviewed on Grace As Justice
  2. Email Interview with Musician, Lisa Mitts
  3. As Easy As Ordering Pizza
  4. "It’s a huge problem in Northwest."
  5. How to Avoid Being A Victim
Since my first music video 3 years ago began the whole mission to help victims of trafficking and prostitution in the U.S., God has opened several doors where I have been interviewed on TV, radio, several blogs and now on this online magazine, Grace as Justice. ( Read the interview here .)
When one thinks of Seattle and its contributions to the United States of America, often thoughts about art, music, technology, and counter culture trends surface in the mind. But this city also possesses a dark attribute that continues to cultivate and taint this city’s reputation: the epidemic of human trafficking. ( Read More... )
In our society people should not be able to order a girl for sex the same way they can order a pizza and have it delivered to their home.

That's what a mom says about child sex trafficking, which she knew nothing about until her daughter was sold as a sex slave between Everett and Burien for 108 days. ( Read More... )
SEATTLE — Jaco Booyens, director and producer of the new film “8 Days” about sex trafficking in America, says it’s a crime that’s a huge problem in the Pacific Northwest. “Seattle ranks typically in the top 3 in the US, which then puts it at the top of between 5 and 10 cities in the world. And yes, that statement is accurate,” Booyens says. ( Read More... )
Do you know how to avoid being a victim? In an earlier post I shared the story of how a friend of mine was targeted by a man as a possible victim. He lurked throughout the Dollar General, basically casing her to see if he liked her and to determine how he would obtain her. ( Read More... )