Written By Lisa Mitts 12/5/2015

Our Journey to Destiny House Restoration Center

Destiny House Restoration Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization in the State of Arizona, and is tax-exempt according to Section 170 of the IRS code.


In November of 2011, David Mitts watched a music video by Luke Dowler, called “Our Silence is Shameful,” which depicted the struggle of a young teenage girl being taken against her will into a house of sex-trafficking. It deeply touched his heart and inspired him to
encourage his wife, Lisa, to produce a music video to a song she had recently written, entitled “Where Has Love Gone?” from her
newest released album at the time, “You Found Me.”

This song was written for the purpose of relaying the increasing and unknown epidemic of sex trafficking happening right here in the U.S, as well as pointing people to The Defender Foundation, an organization committed to rescuing girls both domestically and abroad. In the process they also established the Seattle Chapter of the organization.


Given this would be a first music video for Lisa, as well as very limited funds for the production, money was raised through an online
campaign as well as their small church community, One New Man Ministry and by April, filming began in Tacoma with local actors. The music video was produced and directed by Gary Voelker of Experience Studios, who worked with Lisa on the idea and script, as well as auditions for the different roles. Since it was released on May 31st 2012, the gripping and true-to-life music video, “Where Has Love Gone?” has been seen by many people all over the world.

By the time the music video was finished, David and Lisa realized that an even more pressing need was to have a place of real healing and restoration for the women who wanting healing and to get out of ‘the life’. After meeting with a handful of local volunteers, the name
Destiny House Restoration Center was agreed upon.

On June 16, 2012 the first benefit concert and fundraiser was held in Bellevue, WA on behalf of both The Seattle Defender
Foundation as well as Destiny House Restoration Center. Several V.I.P.’s attended that evening, including former Seahawk, Mack Strong;

Councilman Reagan Dunn, the majority of the cast and crew from the WHLG music video, as well as representatives from other
anti-trafficking organizations such as Compassion2One and Genesis Project.


Over that next year, much work went into developing a business plan, budget and establishing relationships in the community. Another big fundraiser was planned on behalf of Destiny House and held at the Vessel Winery in Woodinville, WA on Sept. 17th, 2013. The
evening included a silent auction as well as a concert featuring Born to Be Wild with Lisa Mitts and Band opening.


In early 2014, David and Lisa were introduced to Stacy Cecchet, Ph.D. Dr. Cecchet is one of the leading experts in the U.S. and the only Ph.D. in sex-trafficking, having done her thesis in what is the 2nd largest crime and growing to number one. She also has appeared before Congress and has the support of both WA State Senators.

Together, David, Lisa and Dr. Stacy are writing what will be a breakthrough, data-based, vetted holistic program with measurable results of healing, entitled “H.E.A.R.T.S” (Healing, Education And Restoration Treatment for Survivors) for women 18 and over who have been the victims of sex-trafficking. Dr. Cecchet was voted by the Board of Directors to be the Executive Director of Treatment for
Destiny House RC.

Over the last several years, Lisa has become the spokesperson on behalf of Destiny House, performing in many coffee houses and several other venues such as churches, wineries and homes in the Puget Sound area, working hard to establish partners. In January of 2014, doors opened for a national connection and Destiny House RC received its first corporate sponsor, the Healthy Home Company.


IJM (International Justice Mission)

Lisa received an invitation from IJM (International Justice Mission) to be one of the musical artists promoting their awareness and service programs around the world – in return, IJM has also partnered with her to promote her music since she is donating 50% of the profits of her newly released album, “Songbird” for the sake of Destiny House.

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