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Destiny House is anchored by two core missions. First, we’re dedicated to opening a transition home in the Quad Cities, ensuring survivors have a nurturing space to heal and grow. Secondly, we’re introducing our comprehensive residential healing program, known as HEARTS (Healing, Education And Restorative Treatment for Survivors). In tandem, we’re amplifying awareness about the harrowing truths of trafficking, urging communities to stand against it.

This year’s vision is clear: We’re scouting for a property that will host two distinct facilities. One will be our Acupuncture Healing Center, facilitating our multifaceted healing approach. The other, a transition home, will cater to survivors, particularly those from the Phoenix Dream Center, immersing them in therapeutic activities from music to self-defense and more. Plus, for those with a musical flair, there’s a stage waiting at our benefit concerts.

How We Are Crafting a Tomorrow,
Unburdened by Yesterday

Lisa Mitts Songs Of Hope

Music is pivotal to Destiny House’s outreach and resonance. Lisa’s melodies have not just inspired many but also laid the groundwork for Destiny House Restoration Centre. With her latest music video nearing the half-million views milestone, the transformative role of music in creating trafficking awareness and restoring destinies is within reach.

The Harmonic Role of Music
in Healing Family Resources

The Harmonic Role of Music in Healing Family Resources

Our holistic approach is what distinguishes us. We don’t just address the
immediate trauma; we emphasize a thorough restorative treatment and social integration. This means equipping survivors for a future where they’re not drawn back to their previous lives.

We integrate natural healing techniques, like acupuncture and naturopathic medicine, which have demonstrated profound efficacy in addressing trauma and PTSD.

Furthermore, we’re staunch believers in the therapeutic power of the arts. Whether it’s music, painting, or other artistic endeavors, we encourage survivors to tap into their inherent talents, offering them a therapeutic medium and a pathway to continued healing.

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As Destiny House evolves, especially with the inauguration of our Arizona transition home, our digital footprint will be periodically updated to mirror our latest endeavors and accomplishments. We invite you to journey with us, endorse our vision, and be a catalyst in a movement that ensures lasting change for countless survivors.

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