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Destiny House Restoration Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization in the State of Arizona, and is tax-exempt according to Section 170 of the IRS code. Destiny House is also qualified to receive tax-deductible donations, gifts, bequests, or transfers. Every dollar amplifies hope and rebuilds lives.

H.O.P.E—Hold On, Pain Ends

Hope Is Closer Than You Think

We’re on a mission to purchase a unique property to house a transition home in the greater Prescott area—where survivors of sex trafficking can move from the immediate traumatic phase from other programs in the U.S. to a more stable phase of their healing journey. This home will be a sanctuary for survivors transitioning into a healthy life, offering treatment, music therapies, self-defense training, education and job preparation, financial budgeting, and continued emotional support and mentoring. Our overarching goal? Raise trafficking awareness and offer holistic healing through a multi-faceted program.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be connecting those coming out of trafficking to premier residential healing programs through the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance. Beyond this, we will also continue (as we have for 11 years) to provide trafficking awareness to families and communities through our benefit concerts as well as human trafficking seminars and trainings. Tailored for those emerging from the Phoenix Dream Center and similar U.S. programs, we aim to nurture survivors’ talents and prepare them for the future. Plus, musically gifted individuals can shine at our benefit concerts. Our overarching goal? Raise trafficking awareness and offer holistic healing through a multi-faceted program.



Tickets go on sale April 9th ( Sponsor Info Packet available on the Events page for VIP Sponsors. Meet Academy Award Actress Mira Sorvino! and get best seats in the house by becoming a Sponsor to help us cover all costs of the event so all ticket proceeds go to the mission.

Event Details

  • Special guest speaker: Academy Award Actress Mira Sorvino

  • Address: Yavapai College Performing Arts Center

  • Date: October 12, 2024 at 6:30pm

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please reach out to us at 928-514-9965 We’re here to assist!

Restoration IS Possible! Empowering Survivors, Educating Communities

For over a decade, Destiny House has been a beacon of hope, dedicated to connecting survivors of human trafficking with qualified healing and restoration programs. Our envisioned transition home is dedicated to restoring the destiny of survivors, providing natural healing modalities, including the arts, to continue the process of physical, emotional,
and mental healing.

Our mission is twofold

Join us in our empowering mission to set survivors free. Your support can provide a lifeline of hope, healing, and restoration.

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Our Mentor Program:

Empowering Every Woman

Imagine overcoming a traumatic past, only to face the daunting task of rebuilding your life. That’s where many survivors find themselves. Our bimonthly mentor program steps in at this pivotal moment. Designed with a survivor’s unique journey in mind, we offer a guiding hand, consistent survivor support, and tools for healing. At Destiny House, we believe in more than just surviving. We’re about thriving, rediscovering oneself, and embracing a restored destiny.

Make a Difference with Your Tax-Exempt Donation

Destiny House Restoration Center is a recognized Arizona non-profit. Every donation you make is tax-deductible, but more importantly, it’s a step towards setting someone free from the chains of their past. Your generosity lights up the path of hope and enables residential healing programs. By contributing, you’re supporting our vision of opening a transition home where survivors can benefit from natural healing modalities and artistic therapies.

Join Us as Partners in Restoration and Awareness

Join hands with us in our mission to educate, liberate and provide healing to survivors of human trafficking in the U.S. . By partnering with Destiny House Restoration Center, you’re not only supporting our vision of opening a transition home in the greater Prescott area, where women from anywhere in the U.S. can be empowered to start over, but also provide needed awareness in our local communities to protect children and families, especially from the rise of social media on-line grooming. Together, we can make healing, child protection, and vital family resources to end trafficking a reality for many.

Hear Lisa Mitts Music: The Soundtrack of Hope

Lisa isn’t just a singer, songwriter and Independent Artist; she’s a pillar of hope. Since 2012, she’s been at the forefront of our operations and fundraising efforts. Discover how Lisa’s music uplifts and supports the cause of Destiny House Restoration Center.

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